Saturday, August 27, 2011

first week.

i made it!

first week of school: complete! i am really glad, happy, and satisfied with my classes. the only thing i'm peeved about is how i didn't get a 19 on the reading section of the ACT for i have to take the Accuplacer test. Blehhhhk!! haha but that's alright. then i wont have to take english 1st semester in college! but i really love the new (and old) friends i have. i love to just laugh at the little things. so all in all... this week was real good.

for this coming week:
i am going to try to be kinder. i was a little on edge a lot this week.... and i let a lot of things bother me. but this week, i am going to exercise for 45 minutes everyday and read my scriptures for at least 15 minutes. i am going to try and only say nice things about people. and when i almost say something mean, i'm going to stop myself and only allow myself to give them a compliment.

i will report on the progress next week (:

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  1. Things are so much easier once you get the first week out of the way for sure!