Sunday, September 18, 2011

best of my life.

i've already said it on every social media thing i have... but i have to blog about it...

this was the greatest weekend of my life!!!
the football game was amazing!! even with the rain.. it made it more special.. i think. then i met my new best friend, Scott Dohner... i think we will really be good friends cause uhh... we are freaking hilarious!!! then i got to spend 2 whole days with my favorite people!!! Krosbi, Lauren, Libby, Perla, and Mckenzy. We all looked so so cute at the game!! Then we went to ihop which was insanity! and Cole challenged me to a pitcher drinking contest (and i won of course... i've NEVER lost to ANYONE in a chugging contest. ever. ever. ever.) but then on saturday i think i peed about 829385 times!!! no joke... i've never peed more in my life. sorry for the TMI but it's so true. then we had a dance party in the parking lot which ended with the po po coming and we just took off out of there!!! but my favorite part was lauren got in my car backwards and she was freaking out cause she couldn't get in. i was like, IDIOT TURN AROUND!!! it was so funny. then we had a great talk in her driveway which i loved. i love talking. just sitting and really talking. it makes me feel so much closer to that person and i absolutely love that. then saturday we did something super fun which is on the DL. and i saw LAUREN from a far and she looked GORGEOUS and i'm so glad she had to much fun. i didn't get to go to the dance but i always feel SO happy for all those girls that get asked cause i've pretty much come to grips that high school boys will never ask me out... which i guess i have to be ok with. but that's beside the point!!! everyone i saw looked so gorgeous and i am so happy they all got to go!!!

and NOW here are my favorite pictures from the night. enjoy (:

so amazing. (:

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