Sunday, September 18, 2011

best of my life.

i've already said it on every social media thing i have... but i have to blog about it...

this was the greatest weekend of my life!!!
the football game was amazing!! even with the rain.. it made it more special.. i think. then i met my new best friend, Scott Dohner... i think we will really be good friends cause uhh... we are freaking hilarious!!! then i got to spend 2 whole days with my favorite people!!! Krosbi, Lauren, Libby, Perla, and Mckenzy. We all looked so so cute at the game!! Then we went to ihop which was insanity! and Cole challenged me to a pitcher drinking contest (and i won of course... i've NEVER lost to ANYONE in a chugging contest. ever. ever. ever.) but then on saturday i think i peed about 829385 times!!! no joke... i've never peed more in my life. sorry for the TMI but it's so true. then we had a dance party in the parking lot which ended with the po po coming and we just took off out of there!!! but my favorite part was lauren got in my car backwards and she was freaking out cause she couldn't get in. i was like, IDIOT TURN AROUND!!! it was so funny. then we had a great talk in her driveway which i loved. i love talking. just sitting and really talking. it makes me feel so much closer to that person and i absolutely love that. then saturday we did something super fun which is on the DL. and i saw LAUREN from a far and she looked GORGEOUS and i'm so glad she had to much fun. i didn't get to go to the dance but i always feel SO happy for all those girls that get asked cause i've pretty much come to grips that high school boys will never ask me out... which i guess i have to be ok with. but that's beside the point!!! everyone i saw looked so gorgeous and i am so happy they all got to go!!!

and NOW here are my favorite pictures from the night. enjoy (:

so amazing. (:

Saturday, August 27, 2011

first week.

i made it!

first week of school: complete! i am really glad, happy, and satisfied with my classes. the only thing i'm peeved about is how i didn't get a 19 on the reading section of the ACT for i have to take the Accuplacer test. Blehhhhk!! haha but that's alright. then i wont have to take english 1st semester in college! but i really love the new (and old) friends i have. i love to just laugh at the little things. so all in all... this week was real good.

for this coming week:
i am going to try to be kinder. i was a little on edge a lot this week.... and i let a lot of things bother me. but this week, i am going to exercise for 45 minutes everyday and read my scriptures for at least 15 minutes. i am going to try and only say nice things about people. and when i almost say something mean, i'm going to stop myself and only allow myself to give them a compliment.

i will report on the progress next week (:

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


today was a fun day. i did like pretty much nothing.
first, i didn't have to go to my first 2 classes so i slept in, painted my nails, and cleaned my room. then thought i'd be all ontime and stuff and leave my house... pull into the parking lot.. and it hits me... PE STARTED 30 MINUTES AGO!! it's early out wednesday and i was a half hour late. so strange explaining that one... bahaha. oh well (: i only had to go to school for 45 minutes today! heheh

aww well, then i babysat Macey and came home and did Psych homework and Tv broadcasting. but then i found this picture that made my day!

i loooooooove disney princesses (: haha
goodbye now.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

first day.

the first day of school was amazing (: this is the outfit i wore.
shirt: forever 21+
jeans: forever 21+
shoes: TOMS

and yes, in that top picture, that is a DISNEY PRINCESS backpack. (: i looooooove princesses!!

favorite photos of the day.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

music post:

i haven't posted about music in few days and i feel a dire need to.

Why I Love You- Jay Z and Kanye feat. Mr. Hudson
Ni**as in Paris- Jay Z and Kanye
The Ghost Inside- Broken Bells
Pickup Truck- Kings of Leon
Invisible- Skylar Grey
Learning to Love Again- Mat Kearney
Cold War- Janelle Monae
Time Awaits- The Kooks
L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N- Noah and The Whale
Rocks & Daggers- Noah and the Whale
Pony Up- Kings of Leon
Who Gon Stop Me- Jay Z and Kanye

and last but not least:
Otis (feat. Otis Redding)- Jay Z and Kanye

this wet hot american summer is gone.

ahh. summer is officially gone. that means senior year starts monday!!! i'm pretty excited to be a senior, i'm not gonna lie.

but this summer was so so amazing. highlights:

Earthfest kicked it off and it was amazing. i mean seeing G.A.B.E in the flesh made my heart stop. seeing all time low for the 3rd time was awesome. and having just a fun day with fun people like Josie Ford, Jessica Tuttle and Jessica Marshall!! i loved every second of it!

then the Dominican Republic... man i don't even know how to describe how amazing that was. like it will be the highlight of my teenage life, i'm sure of it. here are my FAVORITE photos explaining how much i freaking loved it (:

then st george with my beautiful cousin Andrea and the rest of the fam. (minus a few brothers and things like that!) was so so fun! i met HOLLY MADISON and saw the little mermaid which was so great!!! got tan, swam a lot and had a blast!!!!

so needless to say this summer was the most amazing time of my life! i absolutely loved it. oh and this last picture just sums up the good times me and kro had this summer. let's pretend Dylan is in this picture too cause he was there also!! (:

friday night lights.

such a beautiful night.

the weather. the game (besides the losing part... hm). the people. the laughter.

i loved this first football game!! i met some awesome new people. saw people i have missed so much like kaybri, javi, ashley, allie, mckenzy, kinsley, and aliza.
it was a successful night. got some AWESOME dancing done in the parking lot, got some legit tattoos for the first day of school at brookside. and thanks to Javi, we got some excellent pictures of the night.

i deem this night... a SUCCESS. (:

Friday, August 19, 2011

for taylor.

Dearest Tay Tay,

Wow my dear. The day has finally arrived for you to go off to college. i hope you have the worlds most grandest time!!! i hope you find lots of new friends, i hope you have lots of time for making out... i mean... school work. ya school work. i hope that you always think of me when you wear your toms... and remember how i made you spend your precious college savings on them. i bet you think it was worth it now huh? cause they are amazing!!!! i hope you have the greatest time in your kayaking class!!! Now, don't you go and get all profesional at golf. cause when you come back and visit i don't want you to hand out a BUTT kicking cause you're just so pro now. i hope you have lots of fun at parties!!! and don't you DARE drink captain morgan without me or I WILL CRY. i will bawl for 7.357 hours straight!!! i hope you remember all our good times. like when we interrupted a window washing drug deal. intense stuff right there. i hope you have the GREATEST time. and text me every week with a crazy story and i will do the same. have fun moving and BOW HUNTING!!! bahahahahahahahahah!!!! gosh. i'm going to miss you.

but i do love you. love love love love love love love love you!!!! you are my captain morgan buddy and NO one will ever replace that. nuh huh.

love always and forever,

Sunday, August 14, 2011


i can't even stand this waiting.

not caring.

i am done caring! i feel so relieved!!

so this is my senior year. and "i just wanna dance!" i am done caring about boys. i don't want them to like me and i'm not going to care about them either. no i am not becoming lebanese, i just don't want any relationships in high school. the boys are just not cool enough... NOW, college boys are where it's at. my lovely friend Erin invited me to hang with her and some college friends and i couldn't even believe how fun they were! so i'm not caring until i get to college and i get to hangout with boys (:

Saturday, August 13, 2011

finally (:

so yesterday, i got my computer back (i had to take it in and get 138 virus' removed and pay $200 dollars. NOT a good time.) anyways, so with having my computer back, i got to get the music i had been missing out on for a WEEK! here's the GOOD things i got, you would be wise to acquire them.

Watch The Throne- JAY-Z and Kanye West
this cd is, AMAZING. the collaboration between these 2 is the most genius thing ever. like ever ever.

Young Love- Mat Kearney
I love Mat. I have every one of his Cds and they are amazing. I love every single song on this is G.R.E.A.T.

Fool Like Me- Cobra Starship
This is CLASSIC gabe. sometimes i feel like cobra tries to be way too main stream, and they are too talented to stoop to that level. but this single is AMAZING. so so good (:

those are just the brand NEW favorites (:

Sunday, August 7, 2011

blue skies.

This is a song for anyone with a broken heart
This is a song for anyone who can't get out of bed
I'll do anything to be happy
Oh, 'cos blue skies are coming
But I know that it's hard

This is the last song that I write while still in love with you
This is the last song that I write while you're even on my mind
'Cos it's time to leave those feelings behind

Oh, 'cos blue skies are coming
But I know that it's hard

I don't think that it's the end
But I know we can't keep going
I don't think that it's the end
But I know we can't keep going

But blue skies are coming
Oh yeah, blue skies are coming
Oh well, blue skies are coming
But I know that it's hard

-- Blue Skies by Noah and the Whale

this song... pretty much describes my love life. i love it. thanks to krosbi for showing me them... i love them!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


older father, weary soul, you'll drive
back to the home you made on the mountainside
with that ugly, terrible thing
those papers for divorce
and a lonely ring
a lonely ring
sit on your porch
and pluck your strings

and you'll find somebody you can blame
and you'll follow the creek that runs out into the sea
and you'll find the peace of the Lord.

grandfather, gentle soul, you'll fly
over your life once more before you die
since our grandma passed away
you've waited for forever and a day
just to die
and someday soon
you will die

-- Blood by The Middle East

i love this song. it is so relaxing and it's just a beautiful piece of music. there isn't much i can say because they lyrics describe how beautiful it actually is.