Saturday, August 13, 2011

finally (:

so yesterday, i got my computer back (i had to take it in and get 138 virus' removed and pay $200 dollars. NOT a good time.) anyways, so with having my computer back, i got to get the music i had been missing out on for a WEEK! here's the GOOD things i got, you would be wise to acquire them.

Watch The Throne- JAY-Z and Kanye West
this cd is, AMAZING. the collaboration between these 2 is the most genius thing ever. like ever ever.

Young Love- Mat Kearney
I love Mat. I have every one of his Cds and they are amazing. I love every single song on this is G.R.E.A.T.

Fool Like Me- Cobra Starship
This is CLASSIC gabe. sometimes i feel like cobra tries to be way too main stream, and they are too talented to stoop to that level. but this single is AMAZING. so so good (:

those are just the brand NEW favorites (:

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