Saturday, August 20, 2011

this wet hot american summer is gone.

ahh. summer is officially gone. that means senior year starts monday!!! i'm pretty excited to be a senior, i'm not gonna lie.

but this summer was so so amazing. highlights:

Earthfest kicked it off and it was amazing. i mean seeing G.A.B.E in the flesh made my heart stop. seeing all time low for the 3rd time was awesome. and having just a fun day with fun people like Josie Ford, Jessica Tuttle and Jessica Marshall!! i loved every second of it!

then the Dominican Republic... man i don't even know how to describe how amazing that was. like it will be the highlight of my teenage life, i'm sure of it. here are my FAVORITE photos explaining how much i freaking loved it (:

then st george with my beautiful cousin Andrea and the rest of the fam. (minus a few brothers and things like that!) was so so fun! i met HOLLY MADISON and saw the little mermaid which was so great!!! got tan, swam a lot and had a blast!!!!

so needless to say this summer was the most amazing time of my life! i absolutely loved it. oh and this last picture just sums up the good times me and kro had this summer. let's pretend Dylan is in this picture too cause he was there also!! (:

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