Friday, August 19, 2011

for taylor.

Dearest Tay Tay,

Wow my dear. The day has finally arrived for you to go off to college. i hope you have the worlds most grandest time!!! i hope you find lots of new friends, i hope you have lots of time for making out... i mean... school work. ya school work. i hope that you always think of me when you wear your toms... and remember how i made you spend your precious college savings on them. i bet you think it was worth it now huh? cause they are amazing!!!! i hope you have the greatest time in your kayaking class!!! Now, don't you go and get all profesional at golf. cause when you come back and visit i don't want you to hand out a BUTT kicking cause you're just so pro now. i hope you have lots of fun at parties!!! and don't you DARE drink captain morgan without me or I WILL CRY. i will bawl for 7.357 hours straight!!! i hope you remember all our good times. like when we interrupted a window washing drug deal. intense stuff right there. i hope you have the GREATEST time. and text me every week with a crazy story and i will do the same. have fun moving and BOW HUNTING!!! bahahahahahahahahah!!!! gosh. i'm going to miss you.

but i do love you. love love love love love love love love you!!!! you are my captain morgan buddy and NO one will ever replace that. nuh huh.

love always and forever,

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